Opting for an International Freight Forwarder? Here is What You Should Lookout for

When it comes to choosing the right international freight forwarding service for your business, it’s similar as compared to choosing a partner that will help your business succeed. Your freight forwarding partner should be trusted for all your logistic needs. In this highly competitive market, hiring a freight forwarder which is highly optimal in supply chain, timeliness, cost efficiency and consistent service can decide the overall success for your business.

To start with, the size of your business shouldn’t determine the size of your freight forwarder. The thing to remember here is, many large companies hire small freight forwarders whereas many small companies use large freight forwarders. It completely depends on their requirements. Therefore, there are few crucial questions that must be answered before you conclude your choice for a international freight forwarder.

  • What are the terms with my supplier? At what point does my liability and responsibility with the cargo begin or end?
  • Is the freight forwarder company capable enough to handle your global business? How many service contracts do they have previous to you?
  • What specific mode of service do I need, such as port to port, door to port, port to door, or door to door? Does my freight forwarder serve the exact?
  • Does the freight forwarder specialized in handling certain commodities or can they handle all the products you want?
  • What are the weight, size, value and dimension of my cargo?
  • Is the freight forwarder company financially stable and strong?
  • Is my shipment out of gauge or oversized?
  • Depending of the mode of transport, what volume of air cargo, size of domestic cargo and ocean container will I be opting?
  • How is the communication level with the international freight forwarder? Are you getting personal service for long time business relationship?
  • What is the freight forwarder’s document turnaround time? Will you get the information needed on time?
  • Do you need additional packing or loading service? How is your cargo packaged?
  • Is there any import export license required to freight forward your cargo? If so, how can they help with this?
  • Do they help with custom clearance? What about the documents required for international custom clearance?
  • Does the freight forwarder offer cargo insurance?

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