In Need of Moving Freight Fast! Air Freight Service is the Best Option to go for!


We are living in an era which is also popularly named as NEED IT YESTERDAY or else NEED IT TOMORROW. Air freight service is a critical part of the supply chain for many companies those days because each freights is required by the clients on an urgent basis.

Airfreight is designed for shipments that need to move across the country, or else world instantly yet safely. It is the best solution companies turn to when an assembly breaks down and a critical replacement part is needed to get it up and running fast. Pharmaceutical companies also utilize air freight services to get temperature-sensitive immunizations across the globe securely. Electronic product manufacturers especially utilize air freight to send products to retailers across the world. So, if you have been searching for Airfreight amenity provider to help you ship your freight by air, then choosing Top 1 Freight will be a great option. We are the most leading and dedicated shipping service provider help you in shipping your product anywhere around the globe at a very competitive price.

Choose from 3 best options for moving shipments by air!

  1. Commercial Aircraft

This option is generally perfect for the business owners or companies those who are sending smaller shipments. There are two types of air craft’s available in commercial shipping, one is narrow-bodied and another is wide-bodied. Both the aircraft are designed to carry freight on pallets or in containers.

  1. Cargo aircraft

This aircraft is specifically or originally designed for moving only freight. These planes come in a variety of sizes, and while on the outside they may look similar to a passenger aircraft, they are adapted to maximize the space of the plane to accommodate freight of all sizes.

  1. Air Charter Service

Air cargo charter service is the best option for those having critical freight that needs to meet a tight shipping deadline! With the help of air charter, you get elite use of a plane to meet your custom delivery requirements that provide direct services to the destination and no transfers in transit.

Expected delivery times of Air Freights!

  • Same-day or next flight out
  • Next day air
  • Second-day air
  • Deferred air

Top 1 Freight- Leading Air freight shipping service provider! 

Through our partnership with both domestic and international airlines, our cherished customers get increased capacity, dependable arrival and departure times, unique customer service, modernized custom brokerage, and clearance process, as well as customizable air freight services to suit their requirements. Get a quote by simply browsing our official website or else call us now at +86-755-86545291

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